This blog expresses the opinions of Dr. Carol L. Revelle.

Revelle is a lecturer at the University of North Texas where she teaches English Language Arts Methods and Reading in the Content Area/Children’s Literature courses. She also serves as the Director of the President’s EDGE, a new general education and GED program, created to support UNT staff members.

Revelle’s research focus is on the practices and strategies that increase literacy skills. Currently, she is working with the research team for the North Star of Texas Writing Project‘s research on Culturally Mediated Writing Instruction and with another UNT research team that is looking at student interaction with Parent Teacher Education Connection.

In 2011, Revelle participated as a fellow with the Holocaust Memorial Library, as part of the Rural Network of the National Writing Project. Revelle has been an active participant in her local project, North Star of Texas Writing Project, as a member of the professional development team and advocacy chair.

After five years on the board, Revelle a a Past President of the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts. She now serves on the National Council of Teachers of English‘s Standing Committee Against Censorship.

Revelle’s husband, Niel Revelle, is a software engineer for NEC. Her oldest daughter, Hope Revelle, is a 2012 graduate from Loyola Law School in New Orleans, and is working on her LLM with Emory University in Atlanta.  Revelle’s youngest daughter, Hannah Revelle, is a freshman at the University of North Texas majoring in New Media. Revelle and her husband live in Carrollton, Texas with two dogs, Scout and Meg, and a cat, Dallas.

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